Most Popular NumPy Functions (Image by Author)

Explore, or Exploit?

If it works, then it’s enough. If you can get things done, why look for other ways to solve the same problem? That’s one way to look at things. The argument against this is that you miss out on much more efficient and readable alternatives this way.

Even after working with NumPy, Pandas, and other related libraries for nearly three years, I often find alternative ways to solve problems that reduce the runtime significantly or are more readable, to say the least.

So, should we diligently explore every other function before starting to work? Absolutely not! …

using GeoPandas and Matplotlib

What is a Choropleth Map?

A choropleth map is a map of a geographic area, in which different regions are represented by a color or pattern based on an aggregated attribute of that particular subregion. For example, you could map the world countries based on population density. The more dense a country is, the darker shade of red it will get. In this way, we can easily identify the densest countries at a glance.

Choropleth map is one of the most effective methods to visualize geographic data. The most popular methods to construct such maps are sophisticated software like QGIS, ArcGIS…

When will you need this?

Google Drive is currently one of the most popular places to store datasets, some of which are publicly available. However, in some cases, the datasets are split into multiple folders and hundreds of individual files. In such cases, it’s extremely inefficient to download these files one by one. And it’s even more difficult when you have to work on a remote server, since you do not have any GUI access and can not access the browser.

The Script

To serve my purpose, I have written a Python code that will generate a bash script, which I will then copy to the remote…

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